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Psychological medicine

I have a special interest in psychological medicine. In today's world Anxiety, Depression and Manic Depression (bipolar illness) are commonplace and can be helped, now more than ever, with advances in psychotherapy and medications. Spending longer in consultations (one hour initial assessments are standard) is an advantage in these often complex problems. Referral to others working in the field, whether Psychiatrists or Psychotherapists, may be appropriate and that referral will take into account the patient's requirements and personality. Fees are not recoverable from insurance. Initial consultations will be settled on the same day. Communication with the patient's GP will be at the patient's discretion.

For further reading please see my co-authored Penguin publication

You don't have to be Famous to have Manic Depression
The A-Z Guide to Good Mental Health

"An excellent book that is accessible, entertaining and informative. I will recommend it to patients and carers and add it to our recommended book lists."

Professor Nick Craddock, Professor of Psychiatry and Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist, Cardiff University.

"A worthy addition to the shelf of any serious Mental Health Practitioner."

Dr Mark Salter, Consultant in Adult Psychiatry, St. Bartholomew's Hospital and Homerton Hospital, London.

BBC2 documentary
Originator and associate producer of the Emmy award winning BBC2 documentaries
Stephen Fry - the Secret Life of a Manic Depressive

Stephen Fry and Dr Mark Salter during the making of the documentaries.

Stephen Fry and Dr Mark Salter during the making of the documentaries.